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Access that Attic Space

rainbow attic stairs, Atlanta

We know how to build stairs-

Rainbow Attic Stairs
          Easy to operate, built to last and packed with features you want in attic stairs:
  • Pre-finished powder-coated steel - no painting necessary (these are not wood stairs so no splinters!)
  • Heavy Duty Steel Stair Railings and Stair Treads- 350 lb. capacity
  • Energy Efficient Staircase - insulated doors with weatherstripping
  •  Warranted for two years.
Emtek Door Hardware
Fine Finishes for Fine Homes
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Consumer information

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NRFC provides information that can help when selecting windows and doors. Click on the logo to visit their website.

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A passion for perfection.

The more you know about Hurd, the better we look.

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Custom Millwork made to order.

Bring us your ideas and we can turn them into realities.

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Enviroguard Sash Replacement Kits
sash replacement

Sash Replacement Kit

To fix a faulty window sash was once a costly, messy, lengthy and intrusive process. Now, with the ENVIROGUARD™ Block & Tackle sash replacement kit, we offer  a faster, easier, cleaner and more affordable away to replace a window sash on double-hung  windows. How? Our sash replacement kit enables homeowners to simply replace the sash and not the entire replacement window unit*, keeping cost and mess to a minimum and cuts replacement time down from hours to just minutes per window.

Impervious to rot and insects, the ENVIROGUARD™  BT30 block and tackle double-hung replacement sash kit is not only an affordable and easy way to replace windows*, but they are also beautiful and  durable. Constructed with the highest quality cellular PVC,  our sash replacement units have all the natural characteristics of wood, including great appearance–without the shortcomings of wood. They won’t rot, peel, splinter, decay, nor absorb moisture.

Unlike vinyl windows, our cellular PVC double hung sash kits  can be painted, look like real wood, and offer more glass space.

*Assumes that the window frame is not rotted and still structurally sound.

Ever wanted to know what those numbers mean on the sticker on your new window?
Here is the scoop.
  • U factor: or U value: This rating measures how well a window prevents heat flowing through it. This rating scale ranges from .20 to 1.20. Look for the lowest rating, as this means that a window allows less heat to flow through.
  • Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient (SHGC): This rating measures how well a window blocks heat caused by sunlight. The SHGC rating scale is between 0 and 1, with lower ratings indicating less heat transmitted through the window. This rating is important for windows exposed to direct sun.
  • Visible Transmittance (VT): This rating measures how much light penetrates through a window. This rating scale ranges between 0 and 1. The higher the rating, the more light comes through.
  • Air Leakage (AL): Used for measuring how much air leaks through a window assembly, this rating is useful for selecting windows that conserve energy. The lower the AL rating, the less air potentially leaks through.
  • Condensation Resistance (CR): Condensation trapped between glass layers is frustrating; the CR rating measures a window's ability to resist condensation on its interior surfaces. Rated between 0 and 100, a higher rating indicates that a window is less likely to form condensation.

Compare and use window ratings as tools for choosing new windows based on your needs. Manufacturers are not required to use the AL and CR ratings; if this information is important to you, ask window dealers to direct you to products that include these window replacement ratings.